Already in the end of the 1960s, a larger interest for fine art printmaking started to grow in Vaasa. At the time, the artist Jorma Haavisto was the head of the printmaking scene in Vaasa’s adult education centre. Later, some of the students got tools and a space to continue practicing the art form on their own. In 1981 the association Vaasan Taidegraafikot ry was founded, and their activities became official.

The printmaking association’s first long-term chairperson was Tapani Tammenpää. Under his lead, the association’s activities were built and a foundation for the current printmaking culture in Vaasa was created. Tuija Arina-Sundelin took over as chairperson in 1995 and continued her work until 2008. After this, Janika Herlevi was chairperson until 2017.  During 2017-2021 Maija Minni was entrusted this position. The current chairperson of the association is Ann-Sofi Kattilakoski.

The activities of the association have developed over the years through courses, exhibitions, and other collaborations. During Tammenpää’s time, the exhibitions for the international printmaking biennial and triennial for young people were organized in Vaasa. There were also several courses led by renowned Finnish printmakers such as Esa Riippa, Pentti Kaskipuro, Elina Luukanen and Juho Karjalainen. During the last few years, the association has arranged short courses in new methods of printmaking, and it has collaborated with both Finnish printmaking associations and international artist collectives.